our favorite Craft beers
our favorite Craft beers

Melon Falls
Watermelon Kolsch

Light, refreshing, and made with layers of watermelon puree, this Kolsch-style beer offers the perfect infusion of aroma and flavor. Tastes like fresh-picked watermelon.

Sangria Hard Cider

Notes of crisp apple and juicy white grapes. Pineapple and nectarine flavors on the finish with hints of mandarin orange.

Clementine Kolsch

A balance of ripe orange flavor with an undercurrent of hops, brought together with a dry finish.

Strawberry Lemonade
Tart Ale

This tart ale is packed with zesty lemon and balanced by a splash of ripe strawberry puree for an easy-peasy summertime sipper.

Growls Like A Tiger
Double IPA

Citra and Talus hops pounce on your palate with abundant sweet orange and stone fruit notes.

Slice of Paradise
Mango Passionfruit IPA

Exotic aromas of tangy passion fruit and and fresh mango. Sweet hints of tropical fruit up front on the palate, finishing with a smooth, clean bitterness.

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brewed for food Belgian beers
brewed for food Belgian beers

Duvel 6.66

A well-balanced Belgian Blond Ale with a slightly fruity, soft finish and citrus aromas from orange zest and

Red Ale

A top-fermented Flanders Red Ale matured in oak wine casks for several months with macerated cherries. The beer features light aromas of fruit with hints of almond and light sour cherries. The flavor is initially sweet and fruity with a balanced and refreshing aftertaste.

Variety Pack

Try some of the best Lambics Belgium has to offer from Lindemans! Flavors include framboise (raspberry), kriek (cherry), pêche (peach), and apple.

St. Bernardus

This beer is smooth, crisp, and well-carbonated. But it also has some great flavor—at first, a peppery tingle, following through with orange, coriander, clove, and banana.

Extra Blonde

This golden blonde Trappist beer has a refreshing and thirst-quenching character. With its fruity notes and rich aromas, the Extra stands for a taste experience that is truly Westmalle.

Leffe Blonde

An authentic blonde abbey beer with a slight hint of bitterness. Delicate but characteristic with floral and spicy notes of vanilla and clove.